big son

Sibling Tribute Week – Day 2

Next up is my parents’ firstborn – David Nathaniel (honestly, this is somewhat embarrassing – I don’t know if his middle name has an “e” or an “a” as the last vowel).  Regardless, I don’t think he’d be upset.  David is legitimately low-key; one of the most easygoing people I know.  He’s softspoken but extremely intelligent.  He’s handsome and thoughtful, and a really hard worker.  He started his own business after graduating college and has successfully grown it in the eight years since.

All of these reasons are why his wife, Kelly, fell for him.  They make a great pair, because Kelly is all of the great things that David is, but as a woman.  She is one of the easiest people to talk to about anything, and her ability to keep up with friends and family (and make them feel super-special) is really amazing.  Her work ethic astounds me – working full time while doing a master’s program (and then a doctorate!) on the side.  I’m really lucky that they’re head over heels for each other.  (Also, Big Son is just my dad’s nickname for him, no one really calls him that right now…just an FYI – he won’t answer to it if you call that out.)

As with all of my brothers and sisters, I wish I saw them more, but sadly, they live in Florida.  (I do realize this is only sad for those of us who can’t visit them often, not sad for them to live there, where it’s beautiful year round.)  But we’ll see them over Christmas, too, so (can you tell yet?) I’m already getting really excited.  Maybe then I’ll actually have a recent photo of them to share with y’all.*

*My feelings on y’all are that it’s futile to resist.  I’ve been living in Texas for 2 ½ years now, and the contraction itself really does make sense (many languages do have a plural “you” and it really comes in handy).  I’m still self-conscious about it when it does come out, but it’s feeling more natural.  When I spend time with anyone I knew when I lived in the Midwest, they all mention that I am starting to sound like a Texan, so I figure I’ll go with it.



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