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Sibling Tribute Week – Day 1

I’ve got a great family.  This was reaffirmed over the past 5 days during our (just short of) 3,000 mile road trip.  In honor of that fact, I thought I should introduce you to my siblings.  Keep in mind that one simple blog post could not begin to accurately encompass the awesomeness of each, so just use your imagination to supplement.

Although it’s out of order, I figured since today is her birthday, I’d start with my younger sister Sarah Elizabeth, or as we’ve called her forever: Little Bits.*

Here she is:

(The guy is an arbitrary co-worker.)

As you can tell from the photo, Sarah is beautiful. And athletic. And hilarious. And talented at high-kicks. And color-coordinated. And expressive. (I really do think this photo is worth at least 1,000 words.)

What you might not be able to see in this photo is that she has a huge heart and an amazing sense of humor.  She is the type of person that makes you feel energized and excited whenever she walks into the room.  Her competitive spirit is inspiring and her nurturing nature has helped people heal since her childhood.  She is strong and lovely, and I am extremely jealous of her eyes – they are stunning. (If you ever meet her, I dare you to lock eyes with her and not melt on the spot.)

That’s probably what did in her husband, Justin.  They got married two years ago and are great for each other.  Justin brings out the best in Sarah, and it has been awesome having him as an additional brother.  We (all 5 of the original Cochrane kids) have “significant others” now, so there are 10 of us between the ages of 21-32, so it’s a blast when we all hang out. Last year, Sarah and Justin hosted everyone for Christmas at their house in Michigan, and it was sweet (meaning more “awesome” than “awww, how sweet,” although it was that as well). Looking forward to being at their farmhouse again this year!

*Random fact: this nickname was coined by yours truly because, at almost 2 years old, I couldn’t quite say Sarah Elizabeth clearly when she was born, so ever since she’s been “Little Bits”.


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