road trip!

You remember this little post?  Well, it’s happening.

I am so excited, but also pretty busy, so I’m signing off early.  Also?  No promises about blogging in the next 5 days – family is (and audiobooks are, in this circumstance) more important than the InPoWriMo endeavor.

Fun little “tidbit” to end with: When I was younger I kept a diary, and remember feeling self-inflicted pressure to write in it every day.  So I switched to calling it a journal and told myself I could write in it whenever I wanted, so I started signing off with “more whenever” which then morphed into MW.  So after I’m dead, when you find these journals from my middle school days, you’ll know what that cryptic MW means.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  You’ll hardly recognize me when I get back, as I am pretty sure I’ll gain about 8 lbs.  Bring it on, Grandma’s peppermint ice cream dessert, Mom’s juicy turkey, Bev’s pecan pie, and Ambar India’s lamb rogan josh!


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