getting ahead of myself

Since I found out five minutes ago that our cousin’s high school football team just made it in to the Division 6 Michigan High School State Championships, I’ve been letting my mind get ahead of itself.  Since no one has this url yet for my blog, I feel okay giving up the surprise that is brewing inside of me.

Derek and I have yet to finalize our Thanksgiving plans (I get Wed.-Fri. off, so NOT going somewhere feels wrong somehow), so a plot has been hatched that will not easily be supressed.  Here it is: on Wed., drive from TX to IL where my family will be having T-giving dinner at my grandparent’s house on Thurs.  Hang out there until Fri. morning, when we drive through IN (where Derek will shop for a new saxophone mouthpiece) and then to Detroit to see our cousin’s state championship football game.  Then spend the night at another aunt’s house and on Sat. afternoon, drive to Cincinnati, eat at Ambar India (our favorite restaurant when we lived there) and the next day, drive the 17 hours home to TX again.

Now…all I have to do is tell my husband…


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