I had book club last night (okay, first?  Laura made these perfectly delicious little lemon poppyseed cookies with glaze.  I think I ate about 15.  Lemon… Cookies… Glaze!  Mmmmm…)  Anyway, where was I?  Right.  We were discussing Willa Cather’s My Antonia, and talking about Jim’s family getting snowed in for Christmas one year so they couldn’t go into town to get decorations, food, etc. for their Christmas celebration.  Well, they decided to have Christmas “without any help from town,” and proceeded to scavenge their scant belongings to make their own decorations and gifts for their neighbors.  I thought this was a really refreshing idea, especially because I spend so much time running around to various stores to get the necessary items for whatever I’m going to make.  What if all that time was spent actually using some of those materials?

So, my (lofty and perhaps un-realizable) goal is to spend one afternoon this Christmas season using only things I find in my house to make gifts for the holidays.  Because I would not describe my possessions as “scant” (like the Burdens in My Antonia), I think I could probably come up with something.  I will call this event “crafternoon” and it will soon become a world-wide sensation.  Maybe I will even make some lemon cookies to mark the occasion.


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