Harry Potter: my thoughts

Because of the movie release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I (or as I’ve seen it on facebook, hpVIIA, which I don’t really love because it just reminds me of HPV), I figured today would be a great day to regale you all with my thoughts on the franchise.

First of all, I like it.

I have read all the books – they read fast and are full of adventure and endearing characters.  (Random fact: It was not until the first movie that I realized Hermione was pronounced “Her-my-ohn-ee” – I thought it was “Her-mee-ohn” for the longest time, but I don’t think I’m alone in this.)  I have also seen all of the movies so far, and am excited for the seventh (both parts, although I partly think splitting it up is just a scam to milk all the money out of it they can).  My involvement with HP has been relatively tame, but I must describe the two midnight escapades I have participated in:

First: My husband and I were visiting some friends in a tiny (seriously, I might even use the word podunk) town in Indiana where we did not know anyone.  There was nothing going on that evening EXCEPT that the seventh HP book was being released at midnight.  So, even though Derek and I were the only ones who’d read any of the books, all five of us (Derek, me, Fairen, Ryan, and Courtney) decided to go down to the local Wal-Mart and get ourselves a copy.  But first, we had to “get ready.”  This involved:

  1. removing the curtains from Ryan’s living room and paperclipping them under our chins to serve as capes
  2. using permanent marker (it’s all we had, folks) to tattoo lightning bolts to our foreheads
  3. and walking through the yard on our way to the car to pick up sticks to use as wands

Once we were in costume, we drove to Wal-Mart, entered a contest to win a free book (and actually, Fairen did), and then proceeded to stand next to the frozen chicken for 25 minutes (we FELT like frozen chicken after about 10) with the other people crazy enough to be there.  The chants we tried to start petered out miserably early, and overall it was a pretty rough crowd, but we had a good time, and when midnight (finally) rolled around, we shuffled up and bought our book and then went home and went to bed.

Fast forward a couple of years for story #2: Derek and I had been living in Texas for about a year, and Courtney (the same one from the previous story) and her husband Will (who was not able to join us that first night because he was out of the country) were driving through on a cross-country road trip from NY to CA and were stopping at our place for the night.  (Sorry about the long sentence.)  It just so happened that the night they were staying with us, the movie of HP 6 was being released at midnight, so we figured we’d better go see it, since, in some way, it was like a tradition (again, although none of us were really the biggest fans – and you KNOW HP has some big fans).  We did not dress up this time, but decided to get some coffee before the show because we’re all getting older and can’t stay up to all hours of the night without help.  It was at this point that Derek and I realized that our town really doesn’t have much when it comes to a nightlife on a Thursday.  We drove to 4 or 5 different places (all were closed – it was only a little after 9!  I know – feel sorry for me.) and finally got some java at a gas station before heading to the theater.  It was packed, and we had to sit one couple in front of the other, and while the movie was good, we all decided 1. we would have probably enjoyed the film more had we been more awake, and 2. maybe midnight movies were not really our thing.

That brings us to HP 7, and the conclusion that I am excited to see it at some point, but come 12:01 on Friday morning, I will (hopefully) be asleep in my bed.


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