blast from the past

Today at work I could have sworn I smelled Bonnie Bell Lipsmackers chapstick.  If you were in grade school anytime in the 90’s, you know the kind: Turns out that it wasn’t the chapstick I smelled at all, but a co-worker’s scented candle.  And since the scent was so exact, I figured Bonnie Bell didn’t make chapstick at all, they just pushed candle wax into a cute little plastic container.  Thoughts on this?

Well, all this this nostalgia reminded me of another super-colorful crazy fad that was a part of my childhood – the world of Lisa Frank.  If you don’t know what this is, I dare you to Google it (images) and please don’t judge.

And with that, I am thankful for tastes that change, for the things I’m loving right now that may someday embarrass me to think about, and for proof (via Google) of fads that were completely inexplicable.


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