(Honestly, I didn’t think about blogging at all yesterday.  I literally realized only this morning that I had missed it.  Ah, well.)

I also realized this a.m. that I have not been recording things for which I’ve been thankful, so I thought I’d take today to catch up on that (and get a Monday morning started off right).

Lately, I’m thankful for…

  1. …crisp, clear fall nights perfect for walks outside and contemplation of the stars.
  2. …a cozy bed to snuggle into at night.
  3. …a job that I really do love (and even more than that, co-workers who I look forward to seeing every day).
  4. …the desire to continue to learn.
  5. …hardy ivy plants that stay alive regardless of how much I forget to care for them.
  6. …great fajita meat from Sam’s club (and friends that know how to prepare it).
  7. …space heaters.
  8. …invitations from friends (who are like family) for Thanksgiving dinner when we’re 1,000s of miles from our loved ones.
  9. …radiant fall leaves, even in West Texas (we take what we can get).
  10. …Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream (that’s a lot of capitals).

Don’t know why this post is called 360 – it was arbitrarily designated that by wordpress when I didn’t think up a title, so we’ll stick with it.  Hope your week is full of things to be thankful for, too!


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