the final countdown

(As I blog more and more often, I find myself wondering if I have already used certain expressions…hopefully they are far enough apart that if I don’t remember a specific instance in which they were used, you will have forgotten them as well.)


I am typing this when I should be typing a final paper for one of my classes.  But what can I say?  My mind is elsewhere.  We are to the final countdown of the semester – two and a half weeks left until Thanksgiving and after that, one last week of classes before finals.  I’m already daydreaming about what I’m going to do with my free time that I’m not using to work on school stuff, but the other thing I’m doing is trying to find a relatively good deal for Derek and I to fly home for the Holidays.  So far, it’s not looking so good…like we might have to eat Ramen for a month (or five) to pay for it.  But honestly?  It would be worth it – our families really are awesome, and we love being in the Midwest for at least a portion of the winter (and we’ll also probably get something extra in our stockings to help the Ramen go down easier).

On a different note, get ready for next week’s posts…it is the Week of Updates (I decided if I’m going to blog *almost* every day for a month, it might be easier for me to have an idea of what to put on the page), so get ready to find out the answers to all of the questions that have been plaguing you since you started reading this blog: Did we get a dog? How did my book club turn out? How’s my foot feeling these days? …and more!


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