I know, I know – I missed posting yesterday.  But, I’m going to justify it by saying that although I wasn’t out of town, I was busy enough that it had the same effect.*  And, like a good dieter would (NOT that I am a good dieter, but that is another story altogether), I’m not just going to chuck the whole thing, but instead, am choosing to “start right today!”**  (Honestly?  I’ve never actually heard that slogan, but it’s the principle behind the thing anyway.  You get what I mean, right?)

With that, I bring you a random thought from the week’s events:

A co-worker brought a big bag of candy corn into the office on Monday, and the bag proudly stated that enough candy corn is consumed each year that if it were put end to end, it would circle the earth 4.5 times.  So, throughout the week, I grabbed a handful here and a handful there (and a coffee cup full before going to class!), and by my estimates I’ve probably eaten from here to the other side of town in five days.  You’re welcome, World – I’m doing my part!

Today I’m thankful for slow Fridays at the office, when I can get a lot done but not feel rushed.  (Also, it leaves me plenty of time to eat candy corn.)

*Side note – I thought I had the whole “effect/affect” thing down until I was a GA for a professor a couple of years ago who made me question every decision I’d ever made on the issue.  Now I just don’t know what to think…

**It’s amazing how much grammatical self scrutiny increases when one starts a Master of Arts in English.  It’s time to admit I don’t have all the right answers when it comes to this stuff (specifically, at this moment, speaking of punctuation and quotation marks and how they interrelate), so for this blog (which, thankfully, does not have to be in APA or MLA or whatever other formats people want to enforce), I’ll just make it close.  So now, you can start saying, “Close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and the wert and art blog.”***  Thankyouverymuch.

***This statement also serves as an all-inclusive disclaimer for all future (and past) typos made on this blog.


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