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I confess.  I am writing this blog post at work.  It’s 4:01 and I am procrastinating like nobody’s business.

That being said, let’s take stock as to where I’m at with my 26 Things list:

With (exactly!) 3 months to go, I have completed and blogged about 11 things.  I have completed but not blogged about 6 things, and have yet to complete (and blog about) 9 other things.  So, while 75% of the year has passed, I am 65% complete…looks like I’ve got some work to do.  Let’s break it down.  (I just typed that sentence, then erased it, then decided to retype it because I’m just trying to keep it real here (Then I thought twice about erasing the “keeping it real” part, too.).)


1. Learn another song on the piano – I started this during the summer, thinking I would learn Claire de Lune.  Then school started again and I realized that I would need to pick something I could learn in about 3 hours (and preferably AFTER the semester is over).  Although, I must admit, if I wait until the semester ends, I will be tempted to learn another Christmas song, and part of the reason this one even made it on The 26 Things list in the first place was so I would branch out.  Ah, well.

8. Write at least 12 letters – I have written one.  I mailed it last January.

10. Buy something from a thrift store – I’m sure I have done this in the last year, but have not bought something worth mentioning in the blog.  Plus, I like the idea of walking into a thrift store and upon picking up an item, scrutinizing whether or not it would be worthy of a blog post (as if I had any standards whatever about what I blog about), and then deeming it not worthy.

12. Eat something I grew with my own hands – I bought a little packet of basil at the store the other night and will attempt (at some point) to grow this in a pot by my kitchen window.

16. Make a new friend – Depending on how one defines “friend”, I’ve made a lot of them, but which one to blog about???

17. Visit an old friend -Had plans to go to Louisiana in Oct. to see a friend from high school, but that has been postponed until Jan. so we’ll see if I make it.

18. Do an anonymous good deed -really can’t think of any way to explain why I have not done this yet.

19. Give a homemade gift – Technically, when I sewed something, I also gave it away as a gift, so if it gets down to the wire and I haven’t given any others, I’ll have to double dip with that one and cross off one more thing.

22. Take more photos – Technically, I could cross this off already, but I’m just a little too lazy right now.  (And yes, I realize that in the time it took me to create this post, I could also have crossed it off AND posted about it.)



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