These last few weeks have gone by in a blur.  Literally.  Allow me to explain.  Before I begin, though, you must understand that I am a Contacts Girl – I wear them all the time.

So, a few weeks ago Friday, I woke up really early and put my contacts in.  The only thing that is different about this than any other day is the “really early” part, and if I put in my contacts on some such days, my eyes can become irritated, which is what happened.  Since then, I’ve been playing the contacts-switch-to-glasses game throughout the day, because the irritation has not completely gone away.  The problem is that because I am a Contacts Girl, I never get new glasses.  So, the glasses that I have been shuffling in and out of are from 9th grade (I tell people 7th, but that is really just an exaggeration).  Seeing as how I’m now 26, wearing 10+ year old glasses is not an okay thing.

They do help a little, but because they are so old, it causes much confusion.  Because think about it: you see someone with glasses and you assume they see perfectly well because, hello! they have glasses.  So it’s strange when I pass someone I know without acknowledging her because I can’t recognize her, and then having to go through the entire explanation process.

You may be wondering why I don’t just go to the eye doctor, but you see: this year I don’t have vision insurance, so I may be dealing with this problem for the next couple of months.  So if I see you between now and January, please understand that I might not, actually, see you.  And be merciful.


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