I could never be a comedian.  This statement is true for many reasons:

  1. I am not a very good storyteller.  I’m the one who goes on about something for five minutes and at the end, instead of bursting out laughing, the audience looks at me blankly like, “that’s it?” or says something like “that’s hilarious” without any hint of a smile.  Seriously?  If it was really hilarious, wouldn’t you be cracking up?
  2. I laugh at my own jokes (or more specifically, I can’t keep it together when someone else actually laughs at one of my jokes).  One of the marks of a good comedian is his or her ability to keep a straight face as an entire room full of people is knee-slapping and throwing their heads back in sheer delight.  No matter what the reaction, the comedian keeps up the illusion that he doesn’t think he’s funny.  I can’t do this.  The other day in class, I said something that caused one person to crack up and say “that’s hilarious” as he was ending his laugh) and I just sat there grinning like a fool.

Okay, so there are just two reasons that I can come up with right now, but they’re pretty prohibitive, so I think I’ll leave it to the experts…meanwhile, I’ll be looking for tips as to how to tell a good story (“and then I found $20” used to be my tagline).


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