dog decisions

Last night Derek and I went to visit a dog.

The end.

Just kidding (about it being the end, not about visiting the dog – we really did go visit a dog).  A couple of days ago, a friend of ours (hey HEY Kara!) explained the plight of a coworker who had been trying to find a home for their dog for quite some time.  Said coworker was down to the wire, and needed to get the dog out STAT because of multiple life situation changes (baby, moving, other pets, etc.).

So…Kara starts describing how this dog is so great, and so sweet, and more wonderful than (Brazos’) warm apple crisp with vanilla ice cream on a fall day (AH!  Fall!  I can’t wait!) and how unless they find someone to take her, they will have to send her to the pound.  My heart is melting, but Derek is not around, and from dog conversations in the past, I know he is not exactly keen on the idea.  But, Kara, Bryan (more about him some day), and I softened him up enough to go see the dog, and he has not vetoed the situation, so now we have a decision before us…

She is cute and friendly and seemingly pretty well-behaved.  She’s about 2.5 years old, and is no recognizable breed.  She’s potty-trained (or so we hear).  She’s kind of small, but not small enough to fit in a purse, so that’s good (no offense to anyone who does carry his/her dog around in his(?)/her purse – it’s just not my style).  And, if we decide not to take her, there is someone else on the docket, so just saying no would not condemn her.

I just asked facebook friends for input, so I’m not needing it here, but I’ll post again once the decision’s been made…


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