You might be wondering why we went to a fast-food restaurant for our anniversary (or you are not wondering at all and I just feel like writing about it), so allow me to enlighten you.  The first year we were married, we were driving from Wisconsin back to Cincinnati on our anniversary, and were planning to stop along the way for a nice dinner somewhere.  However, after 9 hours in the car, the last thing either of us felt like doing was sitting for another 2 hours in a nice restaurant, regardless of how great the food was (not to mention the fact that we would be dining in an unfamiliar city, so even finding a great restaurant could have been quite the challenge).  So, we stopped at Hardee’s instead, and celebrated our first year of marital bliss by drinking a vanilla shake after dinner.

The next year, we had JUST moved to Texas, and honestly, we couldn’t afford to eat anywhere besides fast food.  You see, I had quit my job in Cincinnati in June, and Derek, while he had a job lined up in Texas, would not be receiving a paycheck until Sept. 1, so what with a move (including a $300 deposit with the electric company!), living expenses, buying a washer and dryer and fridge on Craigslist, closing on our first house, etc., we honestly did not know if our money would stretch into September or not, so we played it on the safe side and ate at Rosa’s – a local fast food Tex-Mex place where I honestly love the tortillas.  They are hot and fresh and when you put a little butter and honey on them, you feel like you could die happy at that moment.  So, without realizing it, we’d started a tradition, and although we could have afforded a nicer date the following year, we opted for fast food yet again.

We figure that it’s a pretty good tradition, because chances are, whatever our financial or geographical situation in the future, we will always be able to afford a fast food meal on our anniversary.  Also, it reminds us that it’s not the dressing up or the fancy food or the dim lighting that makes our marriage (although those things are fun at times), it’s actually just spending time together, talking and laughing, and, to be honest, dipping french fries in ranch dressing.


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