number 6

6. Try out 3 new restaurants in town

Last week I completed this thing from my 26 Things list, and wanted to update everyone.*

1. Bangkok Thai – You must know that the Texas town we live in is not known for its ethnic cuisine.  There are a handful of Asian restaurants, but most of it is Tex-Mex or BBQ (not that I’m complaining – those two categories would satisfy me for a loooong time on their own.)  However, sometimes a girl just wants something different, you know?  Well…some friends decided one hot summer afternoon, to meet at Ann’s Thai Kitchen, the place to go in town for Thai food.  We arrived, and as is sometimes the case, (okay, more times than seems normal), they were closed because the proprietors were on vacation.  (They just slap a note on the door that dashes the hopes of anyone driving into the parking lot.)  So, it was on to option #2…Bankok Thai.

Bangkok had recently been established in the ground floor of a local hotel, and when we arrived, we realized that, at least for the military personnel in our town, the place to go for Thai food was evidently not Ann’s.  We sat down, ordered, REALLY enjoyed our food, and had a great time overall.  Also, the fortune cookies (I know – fortune cookies at a Thai restaurant?) were oddly hilarious, not making complete sense…along the lines of “You have potential urge and the ability for accomplishment.”

Overall, though, the experience was great, and I have a good feeling Bankok Thai will be visited again soon, but the Yellow Curry from Ann’s continues calling me back, time after time.

2. Middle East (yes, that’s the name of it) – I know, I know, I said our town wasn’t exactly the best place to get ethnic food, and I’ve mentioned at least 3 different places.  But – these places are somewhat out of the way, not necessarily in the main stream the way Rosa’s is or something (someday I will have to do a Top 10 of Tex-Mex and BBQ places or something), so work with me here…

We finally ate here a few weeks ago when we were going to meet the girlfriend of a guy from Costa Rica who’s living with us this school year.  She is great, and we had a fun time talking over a gyro plate, some kind of lentil soup, and some hummus with warm pitas.  After meeting with her, we were all the more excited to get to know Bryan, and since he moved in a couple of weeks ago, we’ve had a really good time.  Derek and I are both h0ping to hone some of our Spanish skills, so we’ll see how that goes.  (Perhaps something for the 27 Things list…)

3. Rick and Carolyn’s Burger and Fries – Derek and I ate here for our anniversary last week, and the burgers and (specifically waffle) fries were awesome.  It’s your typical greasy spoon, with the mom & pop vibe, your order written down on one of those little green pages and then sent to the kitchen in the back, where you can glimpse the slightly overweight cook from the counter, and it gives you a sense of hope for the cheese-covered meat on bread that is about to make its way back to you (maybe that’s just me – some people might feel apprehension on glimpsing the cook’s fading tattoos and dingy hat).  So we splurged, which means that one of us got a soda (to share) and it was a true celebration.

*”Everyone” is a funny word to use, considering I still have not given this link to anyone yet.  I kind of enjoy the anonymity, and let’s be honest…the people pleaser in me just thinks this feels safer for the moment.  Someday, someday…



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