a new couch

Next week is my four year anniversary.  It’s been great, but that is not what this post is about.  This is a story of a new couch – or rather, the desire for one.

Derek’s parents, Bev and Larry, are great.  (For many reasons, but again, this one has to do with a couch.)  When we first got married, they invited us to go through their home and pick some furniture to have as hand-me-downs for our new life together.  “Nothing is sacred,” Bev said, and then Derek whispered to me, “unless it’s from Ikea.”

Since they were planning to buy some new living room furniture, we took the old couch and loveseat.  These things had been through a lot – (to be expected when surviving the childhood, teenage years, and early adult lives of two crazy boys), and had stood up well.  They are dark green, with little orange and light blue Nintendo-fire-power-looking flowers.  (This photo was taken randomly, so please forgive the sweater hanging over the back and the lack of getting the whole ‘picture’ of the couch.)

Our beloved couch

So.  You get the idea.  Maybe not the most beautiful set in the world, but they have served us well over the last four years (and served Derek’s family well for the previous 20 or so).  However, we took these couches with the idea of eventually moving on and buying something that was more fitting to our current tastes, but we have yet to do so.  Over and over again, I’ve seen couches that would be great.  But honestly?  I’ve been thinking lately about whether or not we really need a new one.

I mean, this couch still has life in it.  Perhaps not enough to get it reupholstered, but it’s kind of like a 70-year old deciding not to have knee replacement surgery…doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work out, it’s just weighing the cost with the use down the road.  Also, this couch doesn’t make me nervous.  If I bought a perfect new sofa with pillows that are just so, it would be a while before I felt comfortable enough to eat pizza and watch a movie while sitting there with Derek, and I’d probably be more uptight about people sitting on it with wet swimming suits (not that that happens often, but it can be imagined).  And, there would definitely be none of this with a new couch:

Stadium seating at the drive-in : courtesy of three couches and a big truck.

Now, I love Ikea, Pottery Barn, etc. as much as the next guy* gal, and I have friends whose homes look like the catalogs and I covet them (just being honest), but I know (extrapolating from previous similar situations) that if I bought a new couch, I’d want a new loveseat.  And if I bought a new loveseat, I’d want new dishes, and if I had new dishes, I’d want to put cookies on them, and if I had cookies, I’d want a glass of milk…

So, for the time being, I think I’ll wait on the couch.  Not to say it won’t ever happen, but for now, I’m going to save that moolah and exercise a little bit of learning to love what I’ve got.  Speaking of which…I’ve got a husband around here somewhere…

*Not that guys don’t like those places, but I think I like them MORE than the next guy, but most gals (by the way, don’t really love the word ‘gal’) are probably on par with me in this.


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