number(s) 3, 5, 23, and 24

3. Continue taking classes towards my degree

5. Back up old computer files

23. See at least 6 Oscar-nominated movies

24. Read at least 24 books

So, killing 4 birds with one stone here.  But honestly, how do you make “backing up old computer files” interesting?  Hence, all four of these together.

As you may have guessed, finishing the course (that I briefly mentioned yesterday) was part of my ongoing quest for a Master’s degree.  I am super lucky in that my boss(es) allow me to continue to pursue it, even while working full time.  Some days it’s stressful, but for the most part, the work/school/life balance feels pretty good.  Derek’s job keeps him busy a lot, too, so we just try to be busy at the same times.

I did back up our old computer files (on both computers) so now all I really have to do is actually PRINT some of my photos that I’ve wanted in frames for 5 years!  Seriously – it’s been 5 years!  (Maybe I’ll have to put that on my 27 Things list.)

I have seen (at least) six Oscar-nominated movies, to prove it, I’ll list six I’ve seen: Up, Avatar, The Blind Side, Up in the Air, District 9, The Hurt Locker

I have read (way more than) 24 books already (I guess that’s what I get for being in grad. school), but I will spare you from listing these and instead will post about certain ones if the mood ever strikes down the road.

Also – my apologies as this is another ‘speed-post’ (aka me trying to get something published before a self-imposed deadline).  So, 4 more things crossed off the 26 Things list.


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