number 14

14.   Sew something

(also a tribute to some great friends)

On June 7, some good friends of ours had thier first baby – a beautiful little girl named Avonlea.  These friends have meant so much to us over the past two years of our lives here, and it was sad, two weeks after their new addition, to move them 6 hours away, perhaps not to be seen again until October.

Brazos and Katie have been our camping buddies, our free-Denny’s-breakfast-after-the-Superbowl buddies, and our come-over-anytime-and-even-though-my-house-looks-like-a-wreck-it-doesn’t-matter-because-we’re-practically-family buddies.  We’ve done tons together: fishing, cooking, attending rodeos, exploring, camping, hiking, swimming, movie-watching, eating, church-going, writing, holidays (including the biggies: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter), and more.  They’ve helped to show us the beauty of so many parts of Texas, and their love for the land and the life here has seeped into our veins, helping us to feel more at home.

That being said, I honestly could go on for a lot longer about these beautiful people, but I wouldn’t know when to stop, so I may as well get to the ‘number 14’ part of the post…

After Katie picked colors for Avonlea’s room (green and purple – so cute!), I decided to try to make fabric inserts to place inside white baskets in the nursery.  This is the first time I’ve attempted to work with my inherited sewing machine, and it was an experience.  First, the Singer is pretty old, so no instruction manuals had survived, and I was going pretty much on my only other sewing knowledge – making a tote bag in 7th grade.

So, after MUCH frustration (who knew it could take so many hours!!), I made some workable inserts, complete with elastic around the edge so they’d stay on the basket (I KNOW!) and presented them to Katie as they were packing all their things.  They came with a warning to never wash them (for fear they may fall apart) and with several disclaimers about the shoddy craftsmanship, but in the end, I feel that they will serve their purpose and look okay doing so.  (It helps that most of it will be hidden inside the basket, too!)

And with that, another one of my 26 Things bites the dust!



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