number 9

9. Take a road trip with Derek

Well…what can I say about our trip?  We drove almost 4000 miles between 21 and 31 May and had a blast.  Bottom line is that it was awesome.  A few photos taken along the way…

me and MJ in Hollywood (yes, that is a real person. no, I'm pretty sure he was not born looking like that.)

Santa Monica Pier

Pacific Coast Highway - We camped out along the Big Sur coast

Next stop - Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

riding the Cable Car

Vernal Falls, Yosemite (notice my husband standing on a rock at the bottom)

Yosemite - tunnel view, as we left

Perfect place to stop for a milkshake

one night in Vegas

almost to the Hoover Dam

'twas a bit windy at the Hoover Dam

sunset at the Grand Canyon

Our camera battery died before we could get photos of hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, visiting the Petrified Forest, sleeping in a wigwam along Route 66, and stopping by Roswell, NM for a couple of hours before heading back to Texas…but those memories were awesome, as well.  We kept a journal of our destinations, which has already been fun looking back on.

And….another one of the 26 Things crossed off!


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