It’s halftime in the USA-Algeria World Cup game, and it’s got me feeling nervous.  It’s on at the office (awesome, no?) but I sometimes let out too much of a yell for it to be professional (AHH, especially when the USA gets ANOTHER goal disallowed!!)…good thing it’s just one co-worker and I in here at the moment.

Anyway – decided I needed a time limit on some of my posts so I actually get something written, so we’re starting with this.  Allow me to share a few stories from my week so far:

  • Monday afternoon – a neighbor came over with measuring cup in hand LITERALLY asking for a cup of sugar.  It was awesome.  She mentioned that her husband was ridiculing her for really doing that (after all, the grocery store is 1/2 mile down the road), but I was so glad she came by.  We chatted about friends moving, phone numbers, rolly-pollys (sp?), and zucchini bread, and then went back to our respective evenings – but it really did brighten my day.
  • Monday night – celebrated summer solstice with ice cream sundaes with some friends.  Ben and Jerry’s really is quality.  Also watched YouTube videos on the Wii and laughed a lot.
  • Tuesday – Taco Tuesday’s at Rosa’s (first time since school’s been out), so it was great.  LOVED the fresh tortillas w/ butter and honey as dessert.  Seriously.  Then, went to see Toy Story 3, and Pixar has my accolades again.

That’s about all there’s time for at the moment.  I love summer.  🙂


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