we’re back

No, we did not go on vacation for 3 1/2 weeks.  (I wish!)

But, things have been quite hectic since returning.  Some things that have happened since we got back to town on May 31 (in no particular order):

  • I answered about 1,000,000 emails that I missed while away.
  • One of my best friends had her (and her husband’s) first baby!  (Tribute to come in the near future.)
  • I spent 40 hours in class last week – working in my office over my lunch break, and…
  • I spent at least another 40 hours or so reading/writing for said class.
  • We took a couple of trips to the lake.
  • I sent my mom a birthday card.
  • I talked to my mom on her birthday.
  • I talked to an awesome niece – not on her birthday, but close.
  • My husband played a jazz gig (yes, I do use the word ‘gig’ on a pretty regular basis since marrying him).
  • Much, much more, but you get the picture.

Future post topics (to keep you coming back for more – although I still have yet to give this link to anyone…hmmm…okay then, a reminder to myself about what I don’t have time to blog about right now):

  • highlights from our road trip
  • tribute to aforementioned friends and new baby
  • nerdy exclamations about why I actually enjoyed spending 40 hours in class last week
  • multiple updates on the 26 Things list

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