number 20

This weekend I checked another of my 26 things off the list:

20.  Explore a little Texas town

A friend and I drove to Archer City to wander around a bit.  The population is less than 2,000, so it qualifies as a little Texas town.  Also, it just happens to be a bit famous.  The author Larry McMurtry grew up there, the Academy Award winning movie The Last Picture Show (based on a L.M. book) was filmed there, and because of these literary connections, Larry McMurtry’s antiquarian bookstore “Booked Up” draws visitors from all over.  The first store has expanded into three other storefronts, so we spent much of our time wandering up and down isles, recalling stories associated with different books, and just enjoying ourselves.

We had great cheeseburgers at the Wildcat Cafe, and also looked around a few antique stores and the thrift shop (which we were lucky to see, as it’s only open two afternoons per week).  We attempted to visit the courthouse, but it was locked up for the weekend.  The famous theatre was another stop, complete with a photo of Jeff Bridges and Timothy Bottoms from the 1971 filming.  Other than that, there were a couple of banks, an insurance agency, a DQ down the road (not even a McDonald’s – that’s small-town Texas for you), and some other little businesses.

Granted, we did not venture far from the main road, so I’m not sure “explore” is really the right word here, but we spent a day wandering around and experiencing the town, so I am satisfied.


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