morning jog fail

It’s Saturday morning, and I was up early(ish) for a jog.  I was being diligent.  I was being disciplined.  And then, I met a dog.

When I walked out the door, I noticed a black lab that I’d never seen before sleeping on the road in front of a neighbor’s driveway.  (That should have been the first clue – what dog sleeps in the road?)  I carefully walked by, trying not to wake him, but you know how dogs are, and as soon as he saw me, he was up and on his way over to investigate.  He was a little chubby and was getting grey under the chin, but his wagging tail and friendly eyes won me over a bit and I started petting him.  That proved to be a mistake, as he started to follow me down the road.

I told him to sit (which he did) and stay (which he also did, until I turned my back) and tried walking away.  This procedure was repeated about 4 times until I realized that I was either going to have company the entire morning, or it was a sign I didn’t need to go for a run after all and I might as well just head inside and get some coffee.  I chose option #2, and here I am, coffee on the desk beside me, running clothes still on but un-sweat soaked, and finishing up a blog post.  All in all, a good morning so far.


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