mini golf and oldies

Last night, my husband and I gathered with a bunch of friends, some of whom had just graduated with their Master’s degrees, and celebrated with some mini golf and oldies (there was also a grill out and some good beer).  Although it was hot (95ish), it was a really great night of fun, relaxation, and conversation.  I was able to catch up a bit with some of the people that I literally have not seen all semester, and work on my short game Happy Gilmore style.  (Can’t believe I actually referenced an Adam Sandler movie just now.)

The gathering was somewhat bittersweet, as many of the attendees will be moving away in the next two months or so, but it’s at moments like this that I really believe it’s better to have loved and lost (although there is still facebook, right?) than never to have loved at all.  These friends have made our two years here so fun, and have inspired us in countless ways to live our lives better, and they will be greatly missed.  However, there is an upside: we’ll have a couch to sleep on in a few new cities next time we venture out…


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