I have come down with a major case of wanderlust.  In general, it is, for me, a chronic disorder, but in the last 16 hours or so, I have had a major flare-up.  Wikipedia defines wanderlust as “a strong desire for or impulse to wander, or, in modern usage, to travel and to explore the world.”

This latest onset is a reaction to certain behaviors I’ve indulged in recently that have proven to put a person more at risk:

  1. I have been researching possibilities of trips for the summer.  Everything from a flea market festival a few hours away to hopping a plane to Costa Rica for some white water rafting has got me itching to experience something new – to get out of town – to celebrate summer.
  2. My dreams have included travel destinations lately.  Namely, last night, I found myself in Oxford (which was somehow also my parent’s cottage), and was to leave in an hour and a half.  Suddenly, I realized that I had not gone to famous G and D’s for ice cream.  And what was worse (and also proved it was a dream, as this would NEVER happen in real life), no one wanted to go with me!
  3. With summer seeping in through the cracks all over at the moment, everyone’s been talking about their own summer plans…heading to the Ukraine, graduating and maybe moving to Mexico, going to Archer City for the weekend, jetting off to Barcelona for a few weeks, etc.  All that talk has made me want to not only live vicariously through them, but also to have an adventure of my own.

Now, I am one to recognize the potential of finding adventure nearby, and am not opposed to getting out of my comfort zone even when I’m still in the same zip code as it.  In fact, I’m going out to the lake to windsurf and picnic with my husband this evening, so for a Thursday afternoon, that’s pretty good adventure.  But.  I’m just saying.  Even with all of this, there is still an actual, physical ache in my heart to go somewhere!

The problem is, there is really no cure for this.  Each trip I have taken (and I’ve been really fortunate to already see many things) feeds the sickness, and instead of checking things off my list, I inevitibly end up putting more on it.  In the meantime, I’m not sure if going to the bookstore and browsing travel books will make it worse or better, but I’m going to do that this weekend!

wandering with a friend in Leipzig, Germany


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