tea for one

I can’t believe I’m saying this: maybe ice cream isn’t always the answer…


A friend of ours smoked a pork shoulder for bbq sandwiches this evening, and I ate A. LOT.  Whenever this friend cooks lately, I eat as much as I can get my hands on, as he’ll be moving in another couple of months.  So I took advantage of the unending supply, and then I went to a coffee shop.

This coffee shop is special.  It’s the only place in town that I can get a perfectly concocted espresso shake (the “just-right” blend of espresso and vanilla ice cream – how hard can it be, really?), and whenever I actually head all the way over to that side of town (it takes a total of 10 min – I am trying to ignore signs of that comment making me seem small-town spoiled), I usually order one without any thought to whether or not I’ll be able to drink (eat? they do serve it with a spoon – ) the whole thing.

But tonight, my stomach revolted.  I can’t fit anything else substantial in there, so tea it is.  And you know what?  Tonight (and maybe just tonight), apricot mango beats out the espresso shake for hitting the spot.

Now, if only working on what I’m supposed to be here working on were just as satisfying…


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