Lawn care

When my husband and I moved to Texas, we decided we did not want to purchase a lawn mower.  Actually, the truth is that we did not want to purchase the gasoline for the lawn mower, so we purchased a reel mower.  (Aside: it is really hard when we’re trying to explain our “reel” mower to friends – they think we’re putting them down, like, “we have a REAL mower” or something, but we also can’t use the word “manual” because then people think of a regular lawn mower as opposed to a riding lawn mower…and we have to use hand motions and sound effects to get the idea across that this is an “old-fashioned-blades-turn” kind of mower…you can sense my frustration.)

Anyway…when purchasing said mower, we did not take into account the fact that the blades would need to be sharpened, that it is only about 12″ wide, and that for any grass (okay, in our case, weeds) even remotely thick, it requires at least three passes before it can be adequately matted down cut to look presentable.  Needless to say, the new-mower appeal quickly wore off.

I must admit, of course, that there have been some unforeseen advantages: for one, it is quite the conversation starter.  I’d be out there on a Sat. morning and every person walking by (and most driving) would stop and comment – some reminiscing to “the old days” when they used that kind of mower, some commenting on the workout I seemed to be getting, and some just sort of shaking their head after saying hello, as if they were a bit embarrassed for me.

It has rained a lot in our town recently, and our yard was looking, for lack of a better word, harried.  So when there was a knock on the front door at 9 a.m. Sat. (it was impressive that we were both up) and Kenneth was outside offering to mow our lawn for $x, we decided to take him up on it.  We gave him $x+5 up front, because our backyard was a beast.  And then after he spent a. long. time. back there (with the mower turning off every few minutes because it was such a jungle), we gave him another tip.

So…bottom line – did we cave?  I don’t think so.  Obviously, this guy wanted business, and neither my husband nor I wanted to mow the lawn, and it had rained a ton, and we’re having people over tomorrow, and…and…

Okay, so maybe I’m just justifying, but I have been so pleased with my freshly mowed lawn that it was definitely okay (this time).


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