Suspense and yogurt

Last night was really fun, but it’s still to early to tell on the book club, so more about that in another post…

In other news, the weekend is almost here, and I have some plans.  A lot of people I know are moving away in the next few months (and actually, some have already moved), which I’m sure is par for the course being so connected with a university.  But this summer it feels a little different, because for the first time, I am the one who’s staying.  It will be two years in July that I’ve lived here, and it feels a little strange to be the one left behind.  Don’t get me wrong – I really do like living here – I love my job, my classes, my family and friends, but it’s kind of daunting imagining what my life might be like in another few months.

There is, of course, excitement – the chance of meeting new people, experiencing new things, but there are also specific-friend-shaped spaces that will not easily ever really be filled…So, before it gets down to the very last moments with these friends, I want to spend some quality time really enjoying their company.  It reminds me of eating yogurt…(I know you’re wondering how I can possibly make an analogy between spending quality time with friends and eating yogurt, but trust me, there are more connections there than you might think).  You see, after I’ve put the last really substantial bite of yogurt into my mouth, I spend so much time trying to scrape up the remaining drops from the rest of the container that I don’t enjoy what I have right then.

So this weekend, even though I should be working on papers, I will take a little time off and spend it laughing, eating, playing, and talking with good friends…and perhaps post some tributes in the coming weeks.


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