Book Club

A good book club is hard to find – and tonight, I will be testing my first one here in Texas to see if it has “the stuff.”  I have only been in one book club in my life, and call it beginner’s luck, but it was great, so tonight has some big shoes to fill.  So, in my (obviously unscientific) experience, these are the factors that led to the success of my Clifton Heights Book Club:

  • 4-8 regular attendees
  • attendees regularly read (sure, everyone had their off-months, but it was a book club after all, not an excuses-about-why-I-haven’t-read-the-book-club)
  • different backgrounds among members (as well as different foregrounds – presents?) this makes for good discussion and also varied perspectives on books
  • diverse book selections that were (for the most part) tried and true
  • good coffee, tea, and various treats

Well – the girls are arriving…here’s hoping!



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